People of Rive

Mutants: As a mutant you are hated by the general population. Unlike the fear of the Psychics the hatred of the mutants comes not from their abilities directly, but from the idea that any one person could become a mutant. Mutants began from the exposure of something deep in The Graves and ever since their offspring have had the genes necessary to give birth to future mutants. Mutants with highly visible physical traits were forced to live in the poorer parts of the city because of a fear of contamination. Whether this fear is justified is unsure, the secrets of the those few who became transformed into mutants died with them. Now mutants are all born and those parts of the mines are feared, but what secrets might they hold for the mutants? Mutants that appear as normal humans blend in with society and hope that their secrets are never revealed.

Psychics: Your kind was originally only part of the Military, you are human you suspect, but most treat you as a monster. You were born with your mind as they were theirs, so you can not understand why humans fear you the way they do. Psychics are hated because of their abilities to read minds, though unlike rumors would make you believe not all Psychics can read minds. It is believed that in the Psychic community was responsible for a Cataclysm, but none are sure of what. The Military keeps a strict hold of all information relating with the Psychics before their disbandment from the Military. Unlike other minorities of Rive the Psychics were nearly universally hated by the time of their disbandment. Those that weren’t killed in the Riots some years ago were forced to live underground in the sewers or worse in The Graves themselves. Currently all children born, when safe, have their brains scanned to determine if they are functioning at specie’s norms or are a Psychic.

Aliens: Your life as Alien is hard. You have either newly arrived to the planet or more likly your ancestors came long ago. Technically while all the settlers of Planet Rive are Aliens to the planet, what separates you from these people is that you are not from this solar system. Some of you have come from an unimaginably far distance away and most of your own history is lost to those who died traveling to get here. Most Aliens today are born on Rive and have to live in the poorest parts of the city because that is were your ships rest. Something about Rive makes spacecraft unable to fly after they has landed. Most believe it is a quality of the sand, that permeates everything outside the cities, that causes this. Most ships were broken down for material and make your homes, this is were you struggle. Love is not unknown between the species and the humans that are forced out of better parts of the city end up living with your kind. Children strangely with one human parent almost always appear human with abilities of their alien parents. Under moments of great duress these traits often make themselves known.

Humans: Humans live everywhere and since you are one of them your life is as varied as they are. The Rich formed the upscale penthouses and funded the skyscrapers that are in nearly every part of the city. There are upscale communities that only belong to The Rich and only their kind can go inside. These places are always addressed to as ‘gated communities’. The Middle Class Human often lives in the sprawling parts of the city that were converted to sub-urban homes. This ten ‘sub-urban’ often confuses members of the city because everyone lives in some part of the city whether it’s sub-urban or not. These suburbs as they are called were made of some wood like substance, but since trees don’t naturally grow on Rive this material is a luxury. The Poor live in the section of the city called The Core City. This place is like a city within a city. The Core City is populated with Aliens for the most part, but a large number of humans also make their home here. Sometimes riots will start up because of the strained relationship between Human and Alien, but for the most part they tolerate each other. The worst Riot thus far happened almost two years ago.

Something about Rive draws magic users to the planet. Those that listen have heard that a great demon walks the planet and this is why the mages and the necromancer come here. Others say that something about the crystals deep in The Graves draw them to ultimate power. Magic is often scoffed at by the scientific community, but it is real. The majority of practitioners are secretive and rarely take on students. Out in the Deep Sands it is not unheard of to meet demons drawn to magic. If you have the spark and wander out into the Sands, you can often make a deal with a demon if they don’t kill you first. Necromancers are often outcast of their home worlds and have come to Rive to escape persecution oftentimes they also seek to discover if the rumors of demons here are true. Magic is always dangerous because of it’s unpredictability. It is hard to become skilled without talent and deadly to try without a mentor. Magic comes in many forms and is only limited by the power of the user. It is not unheard of of likeminded Mages to band together. Oftentimes Mages form teams funded by benifactors of unknown origin. Mages have been known to build complex networks to serve their personal goals, yet these goals are only sometimes selfish. For a Mage knowledge is power.

It is not unknown for a person to become changed by substances created on Rive. Since almost everything on Rive is synthetic in one form or another the wrong combinations of circumstances can lead to “mutations” or better named alterations that are different from those of the Mutants. These few, the minority of all powered individuals, are not Mutant because they were not born the way they are. While the stigma attached to these people is nowhere are strong as those of the Mutants there is a general distrust of them. Since the days of the Great League of Heroes disbanded there has been no real private organization of these types of beings. the scientific community does not care whether a person is powered or not as long as they do good work. Those that are changed in thier career field seldom leave their jobs. The military will often recruit these people to give them a better life. It is also common for these people to move into the Core City to live with the Aliens.

Technology is hard to come by since the Aliens who are more advanced horde it. Technology is often tied to the culture of individual Alien races. Humans have developed great skyscrapers in the more upscale section of Rive City and the creation of synthetic wood allowed for a number of wood built structures like the Family Home. The Military is rumored to have created a number of fantastic things, but their is little evidenced to back up these claims. Those that desire to test their inventions and innovations are called “Sponsors”. These sponsers allow normal people to test cutting edge tech as long as these sign a non-disclosure agreement. Some of these Sponsors were the first to invent a Non-Powered Hero using these devices and gadgets and in recent years it seems the fad has caught on again. Enterprising individuals have also been known to self back such heroes as these.

Martial Arts:
Since the “Riots of Core City” Martial Arts has taken a steady increase in attendance. Schools for Training have always been open to anyone who was interested, but their are Schools that are rare that are hard to find, and that only the most devote will be lead to. These school are more powerful then the rest and are rumored to be very deadly. Of the wide none School here are a few examples. For information on rarer schools contact locate your local game’s master.

People of Rive

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