Known Groups of Core City

The Ringers are a gang that run anything related to gambling within the Core, they are level headed and a number of there members treat Gambling as a Sport rather then an occupation. They run a lottery that anyone can play and they take cheating very personally. Though no one can prove it they feel The Ringers are populated by Cheaters, perhaps it is just the implied nature of their name. Their biggest source of income is this lottery and the majority of the inhabitants of the Core play it. Winner often are able to move to better parts of Rive City since crime is so high within the Core.

The Grave Skulls, also referred to as the Skulls, are not as violent as there names imply. In Truth the are a union of workers that work in The Grave, the largest Salt and Water mine on Rive. Water is a scarce resource miles within the crust. All water on rive has a salt content. It must be processed for human consumption, which is why Rive City is the wealthiest city-state and capital of the planet. The Skulls value hard work and honor there words.

The Volk are named thus for their wolf tattoos that mark them as such. Some wear yellow contacts to make them look like there namesakes. They are a mafia organization and within the Core they make most of their income off of racketeering, protection, and theft. They are the largest gang within Rive City and are famous for organized crime. They have been none to bribe the police, and are the strongest within the Core.
All gangs operate on an honor based contract that they will not attack each other if they are not attacked. This does not apply to those outside of a gang. This code allows them to coexist.

" Border Control " The nickname for the Fifty Sixth Precinct is the only Police Station built within the Core, they are the strongest Station within the force, but there is just too much crime for them to handle. No one wants to risk more Police Officers lives by creating another station or transferring officers from other parts of the city. They are situated on the border between Core City and the rest of Rive City. Just about everyone in Border Control lived and was raised in Core City.

Known Groups of Core City

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