There are many alien races on Rive. Often what a person can imagine exists on Rive. If you would like to add to the Alien index please submit your findings today.

Example Alien Races:
Pulsar Berserkers – This is fungus-based, gold-shelled race. They shed their integument as they grow. They do not reproduce, but instead infect and transform other beings into new members of their species. They are capable of going into a berserk rage under certain conditions. They are ancient, widespread, and powerful. Most of their species ascented to a godlike existence – they are the descendents of those that did not. Their world of origin is resource-rich, has a single moon and is known for being incredibly polluted.

Biokin Of Canopus – This race resembles the werewolves of earth mythology. They are famous for producing economists. They are an all-male race. Their society is dependent on one technology: manufacturing. They come from a high-gravity, resource-rich world that is and only a small part of the world is habitable to the species…

Beetle Breeders – This is spindly, spine-covered race. They can sense electromagnetic radiation. They are omnivores, but prefer to be carnivorous. They bear a powerful horns as natural weapons. They have to merge with a host in order to survive. They interbreed easily with other species. They have no sense of personal space. Their government is efficient. A past war nearly destroyed them completely. Since they bonded with humans why look very much like humans or what most humans thought devils looked like in the past.


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