A world of Superpowers and Sand:

Rive is a world that is completely barren. The desert spells death for just about everything that enters it. The sands stops most machines, vehicles, and spacecraft from working. There is no one agreed upon reason why this occurs, but their are smaller sand buggies that are able to travel across this endless Desert.

Since most of the people that landed here were stranded they made due with what they had and formed domed biospheres out of the parts of their ships. Overtime these domes became grand cities which the Capital of the planet is called Rive City after the Planet Rive.

Originally the planet had a number of governments, but they eventually formed the Technocracy of City-States out of a common good. This government is responsible for the people and heads the Executive branch carried out by the Police of each respective city.

Rive is perhaps most famous for the Great League of Heroes. The Great League of Heroes is the affectionate name of an organization of philanthropists made famous for the extremely powerful individuals that founded it. They were both powerful for their individuals gifts and the influence they held over the public. They were advocates for the Alien, Mutant, and Psychic populations of Rive. During they height of their fame they work with the police to combat crime and helped build Rive City to what it is today. The ratio of individuals with extraordinary abilities is 1 out of 3 and thanks to the example The League much ground was gained for the powered community. The disbandment of Psychics from the military and dismantlement of The League is what some say are the major reason why trust in powered people are at an all time low today.

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